Adele Dressed Up as Dolly Parton and No One Knows Why

Adele is a pop music icon in her own right, but she recently dressed up and paid homage to one her favourite stars — Dolly Parton.
Earlier today, the British diva shared a photo on Instagram, showing f an uncanny costume the blonde country superstar. She captioned the photo, calling Parton "the effortless queen song" and "a hero my life," before signing f with an "I'll always love you."
It's not entirely clear why she was dressed up as the country queen, but plenty people are sharing their love the look.
Even Parton herself responded to festive get-up, commenting on Adele's photo: "And I will always love you!"

UPDATE (1/31, 9 a.m. EST): Parton has responded to the photo with a video message her own, sharing her admiration for Adele's costume and thanking her "for making me look good." She also joked that having a fraction Adele's fans would help her buy some new clothes and wigs. Watch the clip below.
See some the other reactions to Adele's Dolly-inspired costume below.

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