He's entertained us in dozens comedy appearances in film and television, but law enforcement's encounter with A. Núñez was no laughing matter. The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused people to purchase and hoard groceries by any means necessary, causing stores to change the way they deal with customers. Law enforcement ficials in Los Angeles claim that Miguel A. Núñez attempted to shoplift from a Ralph's grocery store, but he states otherwise.

Actor Miguel A. Núñez Arrested For Stealing Groceries
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TMZ reports that the Juwanna  actor last week when he was at the checkout counter. The cashier alerted Núñez that the credit card he was using had been declined, and instead retrieving another method payment, Núñez reportedly walked out the store with his cart. 

According to the report, Núñez didn't face law enforcement at the time and was allowed to leave. However, when he tried going back to the store just days later, he was told he couldn't enter and police were called to the location. Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, L.A. ficers aren't detaining citizens who are "arrested" for minor violations. " and he was sent on his merry way," TMZ wrote. Although Núñez wasn't taken into custody, he was still "arrested," according to the law.

Yet, Núñez shared his side the story and stated things didn't exactly unfold the way law enforcement said they did. The actor claimed that he was in a long line and when he grew tired waiting, he just left. He added that he intended on returning to the Ralph's store to pay for the $200 worth items, but the manager told him he couldn't because he "wasn't special." He'll have to wait to find out which version events will be believed in the end.