from is never a good idea but stealing from him? That's a deathwish. This past weekend, 50 Cent documented his visit to Atlanta which included  with , , and many more. Fif seemed to be in a giving mood, which is worrisome to anyone familiar with Fty, and handed ones out to everyone that was around him but apparently, Bow Wow thought that meant he could keep the money.

It looks like Lil Duval . After Bow Wow denied using any 50 Cent's money in the strip club, Fif went f on Shad Moss on Instagram. Bow Wow posted a video on his Instagram straight stacks cash, claiming that someone needed to get it and that's when Fif responded. "This n***a BOW WOW took the money home with him," he wrote in the first post. 

Fif later posted a video the money he brought in with him before doubling down on the accusation and letting Bow Wow know that he needs to have the money ASAP. Fif later dragged JD Into the conversation, saying that he bans Bow Wow from hanging out with them anymore. "This shit is bad JD/ Ya man can't come part with us no more. @jermainedupri this bum shit."

Bow Wow responded shortly after, saying that he came in with his own money but if Fif was adamant about the payment, he would cough up the loot.