rapper has grown to become one the most well-known figures in the rap community over the years. Several years ago, was seen as the quintessential leader the three-man-group but now, tasks are evenly split with each member assuming their proper role in the force. Offset is arguably the biggest celebrity the bunch, marrying and finding his name throughout all sorts gossipy headlines. Sometimes, his social media antics are what get him so much attention though. When he claimed to be a "SEXY ASS PIECE OF CHOCOLATE" on Instagram yesterday, his peers came into the comments section in droves to roast the rapper and had the best response.

While Cardi B simply hit her husband with a flurry laughing emojis, some Offset's buddies just needed to put him in his place. noted that he was about to double-tap the photo... until he read the caption. It was 21 Savage who won the comment battle though. "And da corniest caption the year award goes to," wrote the Atlanta-based gangster, laughing along with Bardi. 

The photo itself is quite sharp. Offset looks dapper in an oversized coat with a beautiful scene behind him. His caption threw a lot people f though. Do you agree with 21 Savage? Was it a little corny?

21 Savage Roasts Offset For Writing "Corniest Caption Of The Year"