Yolo Ru Depicts His Reality The Way It Is – “Enemies” (Official Visuals)

Yolo Ru Depicts His Reality The Way It Is – “Enemies” (Official Visuals)

US-based Hip-Hop artist Yolo Ru shares his new music video for the hit joint “Enemies,” dropped via Ru Gang Records and served with visuals shot by Otto The Director.

In “Enemies” Yolo Ru depicts his reality the way it is, a simple and efficient display of his lifestyle, mindset, and day-to-day struggle. Raw and authentic, “Enemies” is more than just another track, as Yolo Ru uses this opportunity and medium to directly warn his enemies of any wrong intentions towards his persona. The music video does a great job at translating his vibe and message while giving viewers a forceful performance by the rapper himself. 

Yolo Ru and his brother Koon Ru have founded Ru Gang Records years ago, and have since been building a solid sonic portfolio acclaimed by most in the industry. With the release of “Enemies,” Yolo Ru is simply indicating that he is not planning on stopping anytime soon, raising the excitement for everything coming next for him and the Ru Gang. 

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