The GRAMMY Bump: Kendrick Lamar, SZA & More See Massive Social Media Following Increase

Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar cleaned up at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards this past Sunday in New York City, taking home 11 gilded gramophones between them. In addition to leaving Madison Square Garden with some brand new hardware, both artists also collected a sizable chunk new followers on social media.

On Monday, according to data collected by SocialBlade, Lamar saw a 260% jump in average daily Twitter follower gain and a 349% jump in new Instagram followers vs. the previous five days (January 24 through January 28), while Mars saw his Instagram following increase 1,077% over the same time period. (Oddly, Mars' Twitter following, which currently stands at 40.4 million, fell 1.2%.)

Rihanna, who won an award for her work alongside Lamar on “LOYALTY.” and also performed “Wild Thoughts” with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller, saw her average daily Instagram following gain jump 562%, but like Mars she saw a dip in her Twitter following. In the five days leading up to the show, Rihanna averaged 2,631 new followers, but on Monday, the singer lost 8,382 followers.

It should be noted that, despite suffering a post-GRAMMY follower loss, Rihanna still has more Twitter followers (86.1 million) than Bruno Mars (40.4m), Kendrick Lamar (9.9m), Cardi B (2.35), Logic (2.14m), and SZA (1.62m) combined.

Social media following boosts shouldn't be surprising, as Nielsen reported sales boosts for every song performed at the awards show, earning a earned a collective 328% gain in download sales in the U.S. on the day the show.

Here is a look at all the numbers:

Bruno Mars

Twitter Followers: -1.2%

5-Day Avg: 29,884 
Monday (1/29): 29,505

Instagram Followers: +1,077%

5-Day Avg: 15,722
Monday (1/29): 185,063

Cardi B

Twitter Followers: +107%

5-Day Avg: 5,504
Monday (1/29): 11,434

Instagram Followers: +182%

5-Day Avg: 64,212
Monday (1/29): 181,331

Kendrick Lamar

Twitter Followers: +260%

5-Day Avg: 3,139
Monday (1/29): 11,308

Instagram Followers: +349%

5-Day Avg: 10,594
Monday (1/29): 47,623


Twitter Followers: +1,201%

5-Day Avg: 1,081
Monday (1/29): 14,065

Instagram Followers: +570%

5-Day Avg: 6,893
Monday (1/29): 46,219


Twitter Followers: -418%

5-Day Avg: 2,631
Monday (1/29): -8,382

Instagram Followers: +562%

5-Day Avg: 15,792
Monday (1/29): 104,572


Twitter Followers: +134%

5-Day Avg: 4,114
Monday (1/29): 9,633

Instagram Followers: +319%

5-Day Avg: 10,309
Monday (1/29): 43,208