Representing the intimate and smooth vibe of alt-rock, Marquita Brown dropped a brand new single ‘Red Tape & Sugar.’ On her new number, Marquita displays her femininity, and delivers a tender and deep vocal performance as she ranges her voice in a brand new way. ‘Red Tape & Sugar’ tells a story of a woman who is confident, self-aware, and knows what she wants and with whom she wants to share her time.

On her IG Marquita perfectly described what’s her musical message is I have wide ranging quandaries about human relations. I sing about them.’ She addresses her thoughts in poetical lyrics: 

"The word of the devil is vile
You said 'never let it touch you child'
But like the oleanders in the field
You are so beautiful, yet so dangerous"

Marquita’s words are emphasized and escalate surrounded by waves of synths, and electro energy. Her unique mix of influences makes Marquita Brown one of the most interesting music discoveries of 2020. 

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