Rock band American Greed have just released their new music video for their hit song titled “Together,” a song off their new album also titled Together. A pure and soon-to-be-classic rock song, “Together” was imagined by the band’s members as their contribution to the world’s crisis triggered by the global pandemic, and American Greed has decided to donate all the proceeds from streaming and downloads to NGO’s actively working to fight the Covid-19. 

The band was formed by Michael Mesey, long time drummer for Chuck Berry and the classic rock band Head East along with Matt Arana, Dave Farver, and Bob Guion. 

The generous approach they demonstrate on the main single and on the whole album Together is truly inspiring, as well as the beautiful instrumentals and vocals they have produced, uplifting spirits and delivering straight to our ears some of the best rock sounds released this year. The music video is an outstanding patchwork between New York City’s totally empty streets and an extremely impressive live performance by American Greed. 

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