New-York City-based singer-songwriter LOMIJOH is making a noticed entry in the music scene with the release of her debut single “Don’t Let It Go”.

LOMIJOH was born and raised in France before moving to New-York a couple of years ago. She is from African, French, and Belgium descent, and her extensive experiences for such a young woman make her a singular artist who seems to excel in anything and everything she does. 

The ex-tennis player and model has traveled the world, and this fact paired with her African roots and French identity results in making her a world citizen who believes in love, unity, and the power of music. 

Frankly, her sound is unbelievable, as “Don’t Let It Go” displays her incredibly well mastered vocal talent, sometimes used into bringing all the sweetness of the world to your ears, but also distilling a sense of realness rare to find nowadays in most new releases.  

She juggles between R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop with effortless ease, and shares her meaningful lyrics to transmit the most essential messages to her growing fanbase. 

For “Don’t Let It Go,” she decided to create a song about relationships, and specifically about these moments where doubts arise, forcing us to make choices between letting it go or giving it a fresh restart.

LOMIJOH finds herself an advocate of second chances, hope, and perseverance, a beautiful message for the younger generation as well as for everyone going through obstacles in their partnerships. 

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