When heard for the first time, i.am.orange’s music electrified us with a fresh sound, as well as his unique and mysterious image. A few weeks ago, he surprised his fanbase with a brand new track titled ‘Cool as Me’ which already reached almost 2mln streams on Spotify. Now, i.am.orange follows up on his successful single and drops ‘Any Worze,’ and honestly it couldn’t get any better.  ‘Any Worze’ continues to represent his signature melodies - the vocals are slightly blurred, and guitar plucks are wrapped around synaptic synthesizers. In both subject matters and execution i.am.orange steps up his game and delivers relentless major-key melodies. On his new irresistible track, i.am.orange has fully immersed himself into sonical experiments shaped in pop-indie hymns, listen to it below: 

About i.am.orange “He was born with no face and orange skin in the dead cold of 1998’s winter. His mother wanted to peel him like an orange, and everything in Spencer’s life has led up until this very moment. He likes to scream loudly, fantasizes about a day where nobody has a face and everyone has orange skin. Sometimes, Spencer will bang his head against the wall REALLY HARD. Spencer REFUSES to drink water, even in the shower, and he has never eaten anything larger than the size of his fist (watermelons, carrots, sponge cake, etc) Spencer was born with glass orange bones and orange paper skin. Every morning, he breaks his legs, and every afternoon, he breaks my arms. At night, he lies awake in agony until his heart attacks put him to sleep. Spencer LOVES PRINCE, and has never left his 20 acre yard/house. Never once.”
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