Pistols At Dawn, a hard rock band from Atlanta, Georgia have made a scene in 2020 with their vastly atmospheric yet gritty rock classics. Each of their new releases, ‘Cold,’ ‘Gauntlet,’ and ‘All You Offer,’ work hard to embrace and transport listeners to intense new dimensions.

‘Cold,’ the first of three brand new singles, creates a magically dark, hypnotic, and stunning alternative track as it embraces stylish blends and poetic lyrical brilliance.

The next track called, ‘Gauntlet,’ has a higher octane power chord and a sudden burst of energy that many will find is a perfect festival track. The uplifting tones paired with the light quick vocals make it one of the most intriguing songs out there.

Lastly, ‘All You Offer’ delivers a superb guitar work as it uplifts and energizes the well throughout the melody resulting in an unforgettable anthem. The poetic lyrics and soulful longing has made this track one of the most highly anticipated musicalities to be heard. You can hear and stream all of Pistols At Dawn’s tracks down below.

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