Offset: “We Workin’ On the Sound. We Ain’t Even Really Workin’ on What [We] Sayin’”

Offset: “We Workin’ On the Sound. We Ain’t Even Really Workin’ on What [We] Sayin’”

On January 26, Migos will release their brand new album, Culture II, which features singles “MotorSport” and “Stir Fry.”

To promote the forthcoming drop, the trio recently sat down for an interview with Beats 1 host Ebro Darden, during which they discussed the making the new album and their approach to making music.

“We workin' on the sound. We ain't even really workin' on what we] sayin', we workin' on the sound,” Offset explained to Darden. “It's about the sound with us. It ain't about the wordplay and how deep—because the young folks who run everything, that's why hip-hop is] number one, 'cause the young folks run it—it's how you sayin' it.”

Offset's comments mirror remarks made late last year by Quavo, who suggested Migos have actually birthed a “whole new sound.”

Migos' success over the past four years has been predicated on their trendsetting ways, both musically and stylistically, so it doesn't come as a surprise to hear that the group is more focused on creating a vibe than impressing its audience with meaningful lyrics. That said, just because the trio aren't focused on their lyrical content doesn't mean that they can't rap or that the rapping component their material isn't important. In an interview with The FADER following the release their GRAMMY-nominated album Culture, Offset explained in-depth why they need to prove to “older guys” they can really spit. “We gotta prove something to them,” he said.

According to Quavo, Culture II will stand tall at a whopping 24 tracks. The pro will be in the music.