February came and brought some exciting releases for us to enjoy. Wrapping up the first week of the month, here is a list of the freshest releases we’ve come across. 

Teddy Swims - "My Bad"

The "Artist To Watch" by Rolling Stone, ace Atlanta singer/songwriter Teddy Swims opened February with his first new single and music video of 2021 titled "My Bad." The song is a hit that once again makes it clear Swims will emerge as one of the most important voices of this decade and beyond. Swims will emerge as one of the most important voices of this decade and beyond. 

Onew - "Shadow"

After three years of silence, SHINee Onew is finally back with a new single, "Shadow," and it is enough for devoted fans to have an early meltdown even prior to his full-fledged comeback. The K-pop star debuted with his solo music in 2018 with his first extended play, "Voice" with lead single "Blue." He will sing "Shadow" for 'Breakup Probation, One Week' starring SM Entertainment's Girls Generation fame Yuri. 

Dream ft PmBata - "Roadtrip" 

Popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream has released a new song called "Roadtrip" featuring PmBata. Dream recently hit 17 million subscribers on YouTube and is showing no signs of stopping. Back in November 2020, there were apparently tweets in which Dream discussed the idea of music with fellow YouTuber Wilbur Soot. Now the fans seem enthusiastic about his new career and make memes to support their favorite creator. The video for the song has already more than 1 million views on Youtube. 


Sam Fischer, Demi Lovato - "What Other People Say"

"What Other People Say" is Sam Fischer's and Demi Lovato's heartful collaborative piece on breaking free from the image of us that the world wants to see and being who we really are. The song is a moving sentiment with emotional mid-tempo pop, and it's a tour de force of empowerment, reminding us to stay true to our nature and love ourselves the way we are. 

Nazanin - "Red Light"

Being the freshest track on our list, "Red Light" is NYC-based R&B-Pop rising singer-songwriter Nazanin's soulful and heartbreaking new single. Being an impressive follow-up to the artist's previous enchanting track "Infatuation," "Red Light" brings to the scene her special grace and vulnerability. The artist opens-up her heart about a toxic attraction from which she wants to break free and sends shivers down the listener's spine through timeless lyricism and otherworldly soundscapes. "Red Light" is an R&B powerhouse taking Nazanin's music to the next level. 

Iceage - “The Holding Hand”

Danish punk band Iceage released their new song titled “The Holding Hand,” a slow crawl toward a fiery exorcism. The track is filled with raw, shaky vocal performances and soul-stirring rock riffs making “The Holding Hand” a groundbreaking powerhouse anthem with vulnerable, heart-breaking coming of age energy. 

Finneas - "American Cliché"

Marking his first release of 2021, Finneas dropped "American Cliché" following the artist's recent singles "Another Year", "Where The Poison Is", and "Can't Wait To Be Dead." The artist/producer is currently working together with his sister Billie Eilish on her new album, which is "almost done," as he mentioned. 

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