Michele Garruti, London based, Italian producer and composer shared a new piece of work - an album Glitch. The release was a huge surprise for fans as they were waiting for a new composition since Garruti’s latest album Cinema Meets Lullaby (Spotify Stream) written and recorded in collaboration with Giampaolo Pasquile. 

Glitch is a fully independent collection by Michele Garruti, where he sonically exposes his sensitivity and vulnerability, as he transforms his life experiences into piano compositions. 

As the press release notes: ‘An escape from reality that takes you on a trip through time and space, Glitch’s 15 beautiful instrumental compositions represent the perfect sound to accompany listeners in their endless nights, wherever they are  during the lockdown, thanks to the light and the pure energy they emit, rare to find nowadays in most new releases.  Soulful and cinematic, Glitch‘s ethereal and post-contemporary soundscapes are filled with grace, for a guaranteed out-of-this-world feel.’ 

Michele Garruti:  Instagram / Facebook

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