Letter to the Editor: “It’s Rare I Click on an Article and Read All the Way Through”

Dear Donna,

I would call myself a reader but it’s rare I click on an article and read all the way through. These days everyone is pushing an agenda.

Your article on Frank’s Blonde captivated me until the last line. As an artist and songwriter, Frank Ocean’s work has given me nutrients nothing else could give. Beyond inspiring me to do better in my craft, he speaks to my soul.

I’ve spent many nights like the ones you talked about enjoying Channel Orange, however, Blonde was my isolation album. I got to know it while I was undoubtedly depressed. It holds a lot weight for me, which is why your article gave me life! I listen to it now with a different understanding because I was able to evolve and survive through my darkest days.

Your writing is fantastic and descriptive in the kind way books are. I saw you watching the river, making your cup tea, deciding “all is well” and it was poignant!

Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work. As a creative, I understand that sometimes we are working and working and never really stopping to enjoy that our product has made a lasting impression.

Take your moment because you deserve it.

Joy T. Daniels