California-based Korean-American R&B and Hip-Hop creative J. Lee just released his new singles “Mask On My Heart”, ”Make her Mine” and “Down” featuring Billboard artist Ted Park. Displaying his powerful skills and fine artistry, J. Lee’s music is a blend of multiple urban genres into his signature sound. Emotional, warm and sensual, his unique style and iconic sound will undoubtedly capture the attention of the fans thanks to the smooth vibe and flawless production of each song.  Born in Seoul, South Korea, J. Lee was raised in the United States. Despite facing numerous attacks on his Asian identity, he always focused his energy into his music and spent his time honing his skills. Even his near-death experience in which a driver ran over J. Lee when he was just 3 years old wasn’t enough to stop him. If anything, it helped fuel his music and gave him a nickname many know him as: Ghost.   After starting singing and playing the piano when he was 3 years old, Lee quickly focused on R&B and hip-hop,shortly after moving to California. The song “Down” features Billboard artist Ted Park (H1GHR MUSIC) and platinum-level producer DJ Pain 1, and was listed on Spotify’s Discover Weekly. In parallel, J. Lee is a sought-after producer whose music has been licensed to Netflix, PBS, MTV, NASCAR, and the Discovery Channel. J. Lee’s latest release, “Mask On My Heart” is a must-listen for all Hip-Hop aficionados.

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