From Baltimore, Maryland, Andrew a.k.a Grand Larsonie is a self-appointed pianist/keyboardist. He is known for boasting psychedelic ambient jazz, setting him wildly apart from the crowd. Earlier in his career, he has expressed his love for fast-paced electronic music, boosting him to produce music for almost a decade. While his love for accelerating electronic music has not faded, his new track “Trans-porting” displays a calmer approach to IDM. The track kicks off with a distorted funk bass making its way to a simple yet addictive hip hop rhythm. Aside from the apparent dubby and slow tempo, fans will be literally “transported” with a spectacular psychedelic eccentricity. With strange sounds and beats fumbling about throughout the track, you cannot deny the satisfying IDM feel to it. Managing to provide an acid-like feel, the song delivers all the benefits of acid without the actual squelches. Larsonie was credited for using various alternative electronic styles and immersing them in creating new influences. His creation offers a spiritual take on music and the magic of combining the unimaginable. Grand Larsonie is making his way through the crowds with his new hits!
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