Based in New Jersey, singer and songwriter Em dropped her latest project, and her second album titled Pathway To Aetheria.

Em is one of those artists who can teach a master class in structuring their albums. She is aware of how to grab the attention of the audience, make them fall in love with her story, and be entertained throughout the whole album. With her new 8-songs compilation, Em impresses with maturity, crafty composition, and planned structure. Pathway To Aetheria is a well planned album full of emotions, great vocal performances, and catchy tunes. Em still addressed personal issues, same as she did on her debut EP Em, but this time she sounds fresher, more professional, neat and more confident. Don’t get us wrong, her previous collection was an outstanding indie-soul debut, but she clearly worked hard on polishing her artistry, and leveling up her sonic game, and you can hear it. Pathway To Aetheria blends the sounds Em is recognized for: soul, pop, some reggae, smooth indie, simply a rich and generous set of melodies.

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