New Jersey-based soul-pop singer-songwriter Em has been one of the main discoveries of the genre in 2020, thanks to two album releases, a self-titled record and her latest one, Pathway To Aetheria

Purposeful, tender, and yet bold, her music is like a sea of smooth pillows, and an astoundingly powerful instrument of comfort she uses to perfection. Healing, calming, and peaceful, is the effect produced by this gorgeous tracklist, but if you dig a little deeper, you understand that the focal point is the road towards a higher consciousness, one made of obstacles, struggles, pain and broken promises. 

The complexity of one’s relationship with themselves, which is then projected and reflected unto our relationship with others, is something she has gone through with a determined mindset, and is now ready to share with her rapidly growing fan base. 

“Sorrowland” and “Anxiety” mark the earlier phases of her awakening, while “Clear Is The Way” and “Fly With Wings” introduce the beginnings of change, enlightenment and feelings of peace. 

Em has something very few artists can claim to have, the power to make listeners feel understood, thanks to her universal messages that drive their roots in our most vulnerable intimate life, events, and situations. 

Stream Pathway To Aetheria below, and follow Em on Instagram:

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