Robby Vee recently announced the release of his latest album DOUBLE SPIN, that’s both catchy and moody. From the sparky, almost Arctic Monkeys-esque ‘Tucson Girl’ to the danceable, ‘Buzz’, Robby experiments but never gets carried away. With his eclectic vocals and distinct gravelly tones, things are kept cohesive.

Elsewhere there’s a simplicity to ‘Blue Moon Blue’ that drives home a brain-tingling chorus, while ballad ‘Song of Songs’ changes the pace with an insistent, droning melody. Though similar atmospheric hum suits ‘Before Majesty,’ heightening its sombre lyrics, it all adds up to a monotony that drags down the record’s second half somewhat.

Fortunately, the closing act, ‘Wanna Dance’ clears things up and resolves the album nicely – in a collision of happy words and ringing guitars. It’s not without fault, but ‘Buzz’ is a hugely captivating start.

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