Charismatic Singer-Songwriter StevenCharles Is The Next Neo-Soul Star

Charismatic Singer-Songwriter StevenCharles Is The Next Neo-Soul Star

Sensational talent StevenCharles is making his way through the echelon with two impressive performances; “Stay,” his debut single that has reached 100k streams, and his latest release, “Love You Still,” which is a more of a romance-driven song compared to his debut single. 

StevenCharles is the kind of artist who has traveled through or lived in many of the greatest musical cities, including his native Montreal, but also New York and Atlanta. The talented singer has split his time between New York and Atlanta lately, the latter being his chosen city for where he writes his music with his brother. Since 2021, StevenCharles has been releasing his own music and performing all around the country to showcase his immense talent and share his positivity-filled music. 

An authentic musician who combines some of his favorite genres like jazz, gospel, pop, hip-hop and neo soul in his craft and the results are everything he intended them to be; inspiring to others and spreading love with his hypnotic voice. “Stay” and “Love You Still” are available across platforms so make sure to check out StevenCharles’ gems as he becomes a household name in the circuit!

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