Kanye West found a new best friend named Donald Trump, President of the United States, but lost many others! Beyoncé and JAY-Z wish they had nothing to do with him. Kim Kardashian is paying the heavy price of her husband and ex-mentor’s ongoing beef.

Kanye West swears by love and freedom of thought, but provokes controversy, disgust and disappointment amongst fans and friends. Some of those are the power couple Beyoncé and JAY-Z. The couple doesn’t want to be in contact with Yeezy and his wife Kim Kardashian anymore, who have been actively supporting President Donald Trump.

The superstar and her husband "are outraged by Kanye's recent political speeches". Since returning to Twitter last April, the former JAY-Z protégé has repeatedly reaffirmed his support for President Donald Trump. He recently wore his famous red cap embroidered with the phrase Make America Great Again on "Saturday Night Live".

"They think Kanye is a shame and he only does this for the attention," said the anonymous source. "Beyoncé and JAY-Z (...) feel they can no longer partner with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. They do not want anything to do with either of them." The White House confirms that the lunch between the president and rapper was a great moment  and they discussed solutions to eradicate gang violence, insecurity in Chicago and prison reform.

Kim, who also met Donald Trump in the White House last spring, would be the one paying the cost of the beefs between her husband and his ex-mentor. Kanye initially criticized him for having missed his wedding in Florence in 2014, then for not asking about him after the armed robbery they went through with Kim in Paris in October 2016 and finally for not taking news regarding his urgent hospitalization the following month.

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