Yann Brassard released his latest single, “Overnight,” a song that is entirely recorded by the singer during the quarantine, with every instrument except the drums recorded using only his mouth. Even so, this is an uplifting, groovy, very melodic song that will resonate in your head for the rest of the day after you hear it.

But the real gem here is Yann’s voice which is an endless poem. “Overnight” is filled with great vocals and composition. Cohesive, inspiring and light, this tune is a deep breath of fresh air in a difficult time like this. He could easily have served up another full helping of Pop / R&B song as he did on his previous releases  “Mission Commando” and “Dangereuse”, but instead he’s tested himself – something you rarely see in artists nowadays, and it’s impressive.

“Overnight” is an excellent offering by Yann Brassard - a heartfelt and tender, direct, and emotional, while it is a decent banger to fill the dancefloor.

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