Visionary artists are often in perfect tune with their times, and anticipate events and trends before everyone. Amirah, a bicultural singer-songwriter of Malaysian and Indian descent based in Los Angeles, has just released two new singles, “You Are My Land” and “Tell Me.” “Tell Me” is a call for unity and peace released during the US elections, and the relevancy of her message is just amazing. In times where divisions have grown between people, often fueled by more powerful forces, Amirah warns the world on the deadly consequences of being divided, and calls on everyone to put extra effort to make sure unity wins.  

 “You Are My Land,” released prior to “Tell Me,” is a single she created to expose the situation that Malaysian have been going through, with corrupt government officials running the country for so long. Both songs are produced by Grammy award-winning producer Jeff Bova, and display Amirah’s unreal singing skills while confirming she is a true artist, one that cares about others with one intention in her heart; making the world a better place. 

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