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Vibe With “Deuces” By Unique Hip Hop Artist TEF XL

Vibe With “Deuces” By Unique Hip Hop Artist TEF XL

Tens of thousands of views and counting – TEF XL is on top of his game with a recent hit “Deuces”. A stunning artist who does a great job of bringing back the good old hip hop the music industry needs so much, TEF is also a successful business executive, a music promoter and a social advocate whose aim is to speak for the minorities and those whose voices aren’t heard. 

His previous works include singles like “Trap Paradise”, “Duval”, “Wake Up”,  and most notably, “JIT 2 A G”.

Naming hip hop legends such as Rakim, Nas, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar as some of his influences TEF XL will be releasing his debut album CODE SWITCH in 2022, an audio-biographical depiction of the socio-economic and relationship-based circumstances the artist has overcome during his life to realize his dreams, from street entrepreneur to a Fortune 500 business executive.

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