NYC-based artist Lékan Tella took his artistry to the next level and released the ‘Savannah Red’ music video. The visuals explore a wide range of emotional textures in a relationship. With scenes of having an affair, hiding the truth before the partner, and sneaking out at night to a lover - ‘Savannah Red’ is a case study of a complex relationship, and unfaithful behavior. 

The video was created by a dream team comprised of Vivian Cheng (Producer), Jay Boyington (Creative Director, DP, Editor), and Jack Rumble (Director) who all together translated Lékan Tella’s single into a visual masterpiece. 

The songs’ story is emphasized by actors who play their roles so naturally and effortlessly that you can forget you are watching studied scenes. Maia Kaimakliotis, who plays the main character in the video showcases incredible chemistry on-screen with everyone and is simply admirable to watch. Check out the video below:

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