Premiere: Raquel Kiaraa Is Stunning In Her New Music Video “Love Got Me Sick”

Premiere: Raquel Kiaraa Is Stunning In Her New Music Video “Love Got Me Sick”

Singer-songwriter Raquel Kiaraa announces the release of her new song video “Love Got Me Sick”. Vibrant and exotic, this music video is a beautiful execution of the artist’s creative vision. The originality of the track, its sensual expression and Raquel’s powerful voice come together to create a hazy, lavish feast for the eyes and ears. 

“Love Got Me Sick” is one of the songs included in Raquel’s new album Defying Odds. A masterful collection, Defying Odds is a tribute to women’s empowerment. The title speaks to the immense strength women possess, the ability to give life, and to make their dreams happen through hard work and dedication. Defying odds is what women do every single day and Raquel celebrates that in her songs.

Raquel is a multi-talented artist. She learned to sing and play the piano at 32, writing all her lyrics, creating her first album, and stepping into motherhood all at the same time. Believing in the power of her music, she brought together a band of accomplished musicians. After only two rehearsals, some vocal lessons, and music sheets for 13 original songs, Raquel produced two sold-out 250+-seater performances, selling her tickets and running her publicity single-handedly. Her success is a result of hours of hard work and determination. 

“Dear Jesus,” “Love to the Moon,” “Release Me,” and “We Know” are some of Raquel’s most popular songs which have generated hundreds of thousands of streams across all platforms. The first two were featured globally receiving in-store placements playing out in the following brands: Natan (Belgium), Mcdonalds (Switzerland), Shakeaway (UK), Helly Hansen (Norway). 

Raquel is a philanthropist who believes strongly in giving back to the community and the world at large. She is an extraordinary example of a motivated, goal-oriented woman with limitless compassion. Besides music, she also coaches numerous athletes and owns a successful business on top of being a mother.