When swag, groovy electronic sounds and edgy vibes come together with raw talent and hard work, something magical happens in the hip-hop world. That magic happened recently with the release of  "In Ya Face" from  North-Las Vegas-based hip-hop artist TwoCeez's, also known as Chilly Chillz. The young artist gives fresh air to 90's old school sounds by adding his own vision and signature to the genre. The mix gives birth to a new special sonic reality that TwoCeez presents with the release of "In Ya Face," empowering and inspiring the genre enthusiasts. He manages to pair smooth humor, romanticism in strong urban lyricism. The music video for the song stays true to the release's nature and to the genre. It is overflowing with beautiful ladies who have fun with the artist, cash thrown everywhere, and an inspiring vibe with neon lights making everything even edgier. The future of hip-hop is in safe and trustworthy hands.

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