Chief Moquiuix Release New EP Parabolic

Chief Moquiuix Release New EP Parabolic

​​Rapper Chief Moquiuix is back at it with a new 2 track EP titled Parabolic. The collection features an original track titled “Parabolic Apes” and its instrumental “Parabolic (Instrumental).” It is a gratifying disoriented blend of sounds that elevates the listener into a fresh trance of emotions.

The San Diego and Las Vegas-based artist has received much-deserved acclaim for several of his past releases such as “Never Enough.” The song is the perfect command of emotions and tunes that ensue an addictive melody. Dabbling into many genres, Chief Moquiuix does not shy away from experimentation but always keeps his rap skills by his side.

“Parabolic Apes” starts with an original space-like feel that only transmits a heavy load of impact to hook the listener from the get-go. His tonality and lyrics perfectly match the energy of the track, boosting it into new strengths. The song is followed by a pure musical melody titled “Parabolic (Instrumental).” The track helps listeners connect with the music and instruments going on, for a more elevated approach.

His artistic talents are only on a constant rise with his immeasurable skills and ability to conform to reality within every note. Moquiuix will be competing for a chance to be the opening artist at Audacity’s event. So make sure to vote for him here!