It’s no secret that there was a time machine, we’d all probably opt to travel back to the 1990’s. Let’s face it, the 90’s were all that, and then some.

Don’t you miss the days when the only opinions you had to worry about were from the people around you? Try having seven billion peoples’ opinion coming at you simultaneously. There are so many things we would bring back (besides some those tv show reboots) that would probably do us some good in these troubled times:

Actual Human Contact and Simple Fun 

Remember when people actually went outside to parks, talked to their neighbors and had block parties? Things like computers and smartphones were more luxurious privileges than everyday necessities.Forget hopscotch, tag and jump rope — if it doesn’t come in technology form, today’s kids don’t want any parts.

Hit the flip to see what else we want back from the Golden era.

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