A few weeks ago, it looked like Kanye West’s new album, Jesus Is King, was actually close to coming out after he held multiple parties where he played an unfinished version it. No album has materialized yet, but next week, on Friday 10/25, a film called Jesus Is King is hitting IMAX theaters.

It’s directed by Nick Knight and was filmed over the summer at an art installation by James Turrell called Roden Crater in the Painted Desert Arizona. Per a press release, it’ll feature 13 songs arranged by West in a gospel style, a mix new music and already released songs. The film has already been teased at the aforementioned parties, and today a brief trailer for it has been released that features a clip a gospel version “Say You Will.”

Naturally, 10/25 is now also speculated to be another possible release date for Jesus Is King, the album. Film rollouts are seemingly a little more difficult to cancel than album ones, so there’s a decent chance that Jesus Is King will be hitting IMAX screens next week, though whether it will come with a new album is up in the air. Tickets for the film can be pre-ordered here.

Watch the trailer below.

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