One the best things on the internet is still The Cave, the weekly rap-freestyle show from producer Kenny Beats. On every episode, Kenny welcomes another collaborator and knocks out a quick beat based on their specifications. The show recently came back for a second season, and it’s been great so far. You could argue that it’s all been building up to this week’s episode.

Detroit monster Sada Baby has been one the best rappers in the world for a while now, but he has been going on an absolute unholy tear since the beginning 2020. On New Years Day, Sada released his ferocious Brolik mixtape. (You still have to go on DatPiff to get it; it’s still not on any the regular streaming services. I love that.) And since then Sada’s been releasing at least one absolutely ridiculous song per week, usually accompanied by a grainy and low-budget video. (My favorite thus far is probably “Pressin,” with King Von.) Kenny Beats pays attention to stuff like this, and Sada Baby is a natural for The Cave.

Sada seems less talkative then I’d expect, so the bulk the episode isn’t quite as blisteringly entertaining as The Cave can get. There are, however, fun moments were Sada Baby discusses Nickelback — thanks to the viral clip where he sings “How You Remind Me” — and filming the breakout video for his Fmb Dz collab “Bloxk Party” a couple years ago. But when Sada starts rapping, it suddenly gets great. Sada chops bricks like karate, slurs his voice like Boomhauer, and wants you to know that Kenny is the coolest white boy since Doogie Howser. This one immediately enters the “best Cave freestyle ever” discussion. Watch it below.

You can get the Brolik mixtape here.

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