Post Malone is always pretty busy. Over the last couple years, he’s never wandered too far from the spotlight. But after last year’s Hollywood’s Bleeding, he’s already back with a new kind project for him. This March, he’ll appear in a Netflix movie called Spenser Confidential.

A new trailer arrived for the movie today, and it features Post pretty prominently. He’s in the opening sequence, instigating a fight with Mark Wahlberg’s titular character while he’s still in prison. That means Marky Mark and Post Malone go head to head in this movie, like a filmic brawl between white rappers from different generations. It’s a momentous occasion!

This isn’t technically Post Malone’s first foray into movies: His indelible “Sunflower” was a big recurring part Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and he has a cameo credit as “Brooklyn Bystander” in that movie. But this is the first time he’ll be onscreen in the flesh, playing a character; judging by the trailer, it’s not just a bit role in the beginning the movie, since it looks like Wahlberg’s character returns to talk to him later on. And he’s in good company overall, with the cast rounded out by Alan Arkin, Winston Duke, and Bokeem Woodbine. Check it out below.

Spenser Confidential is out 3/6.

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