The man who brought you the “The Hanukkah Song” now presents…”Quarantine Song.” Adam Sandler popped in as a guest on last night’s at-home episode The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to debut his latest musical uncut gem. After telling a story about Dan Aykroyd calling him to say that he liked Uncut Gems and the Sandler Family Reunion on SNL, Sandler launched into his performance.

“Quarantine Song,” which Sandler played on solo electric guitar while wearing mirrored shades “so you can’t see me peeking at my notes so much,” is an ode to the doctors and nurses taking care us during the pandemic. “Nurses slap your arm till they find a good vein/ they wear Crocs and they tell you the truth,” Sandler sings. And “If you’re a nerd a doctor can give you a note so during gym class you don’t have to run a mile.”

Sandler tells everyone to stay home and wash their hands and calls for more masks and ventilators so that the doctors and nurses can do their jobs. “I hope they save us soon ’cause I’m really really sick my family,” he explains. Aren’t we all? Watch and listen to the “Quarantine Song” below.

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