Tkay Maidza, the Aussie pop-rap star known for her wildy smart verses and magnetic energy, has been rather quiet since the release her debut full-length Tkay back in 2016. Now, with numerous ARIA nominations and an MTV EMA award under her belt, she’s readied herself for a comeback. Today, she’s is kicking it f by sharing a collaboration with JPEGMAFIA called “Awake.”

The combination Tkay and JPEG proves powerfully potent, as rising synths and a dark trap beat gives this track an edginess that its lyrical content needs. A sample the FaceTime ringtone plays throughout the chorus, as Tkay and JPEG chant together, “Late night, probably awake/ Text me, probably awake/FaceTime, probably awake.” The video component for this track has an epilepsy warning if that tells you anything. It follows Tkay running through the streets at night donning slick futuristic fits before cutting to JPEG who’s rapping in front a blue tarp lit up by strobe lights.

There seems to be a second part to the song and video which is indicated by a short interlude, followed by a tempo, key, and mood change, and the intro “IDC IF U BE DED.” Tkay is flipping her braids left and right, truly just having a good time before destroying a room with a baseball bat. The two parts seem to be in conversation, as Tkay switches it up by rapping, “I left your message on read/ I don’t care if you be dead.” My favorite verse has to be, “Knock a bitch up like Juno ha/ Knock a bitch out like judo.” I’m just going to call it now — Tkay is an icon in the making.

Watch the video for “Awake” below.

“Awake” is out now.

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