The Black Crowes broke up in 2015 amid an acrimonous money dispute between brothers Chris and Rich Robinson over compensation for their longtime drummer Steve Gorman. Both the Robinsons have spent the last few years pursuing their own projects, while Gorman recently published a memoir about his time in the band. The last time we checked in on Rich Robinson in 2018, he said that he didn’t “have a brother anymore.”

Well, it seems like they might have put all that behind them because it looks like the Black Crowes are reuniting next year. Rumors started swirling about a possible reunion a couple weeks ago — The Wall Street Journal reported at the time that the band had signed on for a 2020 reunion tour with Live Nation. And according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel billboards have started popping up around Milwaukee that hint at a Crowes reunion, featuring the Black Crowes logo two animated crows that have X’s in their eyes. The band also recently posted it to their Facebook page and have launched new Instagram and Twitter accounts.

No details have been announced yet, but it seems pretty clear where all this is headed. The last time the Black Crowes performed was in 2014.

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