Based on their music and videos, Hinds seem like they have a lot fun together. And thanks to that same music and those same videos, the fun is contagious.

The Madrid garage-rockers are back today with I Don’t Run, their second album. It’s slightly cleaner than their 2016 debut, Leave Me Alone, but mostly you’re getting the same roughshod group sing-alongs and back-to-basics guitar jangle. If you’ve heard early singles “New For You,” “The Club,” and “Finally Floating,” you probably already figured out whether this is a party you want to get in on.

To mark the album’s release today, Hinds have also shared a video for “Finally Floating.” Directed by Wiissa, it finds the four band members biking around a cityscape, having a blast as usual. Watch it below, where you can also stream I Don’t Run in full.

I Don’t Run is out now on Mom+Pop. Purchase it here, and check out Hinds’ Stereogum Session here.

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