Saint Rien: A New Voice For A Prevailing Topic!

Saint Rien: A New Voice For A Prevailing Topic!

After unveiling his genre-bending single “Tell The Truth”, the eccentric Saint Rien is at it again to present his ever-so laid back track “Like You”. The song shines a light on how love can be confusing and takes various different shapes and forms. The singer’s complementary vocals swerve over the laid-back melody and take us through a calming yet energetic soundscape.

With warming rhythms and subtle drums surfacing over his gushy vocals, Saint Rien puts a spin on a classically targeted topic by most artists. He whimsically narrates the different waves of love and how things can go awry.

The artist, Saint Rien, was formerly a part of the alt-rock collective band “Storm the Sky”; but he later left the group to branch out and work on his own music. This paved the way for the singer to discover who he is as an artist and become the captain of his innovative yet striking sound. Saint Rien has plans to release many singles in the upcoming months, so keep your radars on for more exquisite music from the unique artist. He has also been transparent about his struggles with anxiety and has avidly expressed his disapproval to be categorized into any genre.

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