Last month, Porridge Radio released “Give/Take,” the UK band’s first new song since their 2016 debut Rice, Pasta, And Other Fillers. That song was was catchy but level-headed; by comparison, “Don’t Ask Me Twice” is completely f-the-wall bonkers, and it’s great. The UK band clanks and clangs together, blasting and bursting at the seams with a psychedelic twist. Dana Margolin embraces the unknowability life with a raucous joy, a constant refrain “I don’t know”s that sounds like being ripped apart.

Here’s Margolin’s quote about it:

For me, ‘Don’t Ask Me Twice’ is a song about suddenly noticing where you are and being surprised to find yourself in your own body in that place. When we play it live it feels like it’s all going to fall apart at any moment, but then it kind pulls back and falls into place again, and then suddenly the chaos comes back and everything feels so intense. For me it’s about embracing the chaos because you can’t escape it, and accepting how you can have really contradicting feelings and thoughts all at the same time in your own head, and how that’s ok. It’s part figuring it out. Scream “I don’t know what I want”. It feels good.

Listen below.

“Don’t Ask Me Twice” is out now Memorials Of Distinction.

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