Billy Idol is the face New York City’s new anti-idling campaign. According to Spectrum News NY1, up to 11 percent the fine particulate matter in NYC air is created by exhaust from motor vehicles, and the city is trying to curb that pollution by getting Billy Idol to yell at you.

“Hey New York! Billy Idol here, rock star and environmentalist,” Idol says in a video for the new initiative. “If you’re not driving, shut your damn engine f! Idling is polluting. I mean, bollocks, are you trying to choke us all?”

“I lived in Long Island when I was very young and I had a big part my career here in the ’80s so I really love New York,” Idol tells Spectrum News NY1. “I’ve had a fantastic time here. I’d like to give back, and when they asked me about doing this I just thought it’s a fantastic way to give back.”

The Billy Never Idles campaign runs through March. Learn more at

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