Young LA-based A&R and Hip-Hop artist Rowe Rowe has recently announced the significant success of his latest project. After a thorough analysis of the shifts happening within the music industry, he decided to launch his own Spotify playlist, Chill Vibes, in order to push his music forward in terms of exposure, but also to support fellow artists struggling to increase their reach through Spotify. Following an open call for submissions, the ambitious Rowe Rowe was greatly surprised to witness the countless DMs received from other artists and industry professionals who wanted to take part in his playlist. To date, the playlist counts almost 3,000 followers and lists over 400 tracks by almost as many artists. 

His inclusive vision in which artists would work in close collaboration even in terms of promotion is inspiring, especially today knowing all the negative competition that most professional fields witness. Rowe Rowe says, “no industry is an easy way in, but it’s crucial and necessary to grow together, not compete or push others down. As artists we collectively have that dream of being known and seeking fame, but in this new digital age, it’s about who you know and being authentic, making a change in the game.” You have to work for the collective, not just for your self-interest.”

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