Masked Superstar BING is Bringing the East to the West

Masked Superstar BING is Bringing the East to the West

It’s hard to put a label on BING. The singer is attempting to break into the American music scene, not an easy feat, but is doing it in a way no one else has really tried.

Instead of trying to craft her own versions of American hits like K-pop did in the early 2010s, BING is embracing her Chinese heritage and using the sounds of her country to carry her to superstardom.

While this may seem like a huge risk to some, BING shows no signs of wavering. Her debut single “Hanging On” ditches all the trappings of conventional pop music, instead opting for a progressive, emotionally-charged track that leaves listeners in awe.

Incorporating instruments native to her homeland give the track added character, making it feel as though BING is truly proud of where she comes from, and wants to spread Chinese culture throughout the world.

If tracks like “Hanging On” are the types of songs we can expect from BING, then consider us excited. The American music scene could use a fresh face, and BING could very well be that.