Writer-director Jordan Peele talked to the African American Film Critics Association Awards gala about the journey leading up to his Oscars win for “Get Out.”

Via Hollywood Reporter:

“It started as a fun project… I didn’t know it was ever going to get made. I’d go home, smoke a little bit weed and I would write. I would watch this movie in my head, this movie that I wish somebody would write for me to watch and that was it.”

But then he wrote the now-famous sunken place scene where Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is hypnotized by Rose’s mother (Catherine Keener). “I knew that something scary needed to happen.”

“I knew that in some ways my movie was an allegory for slavery. But I also I knew that at this point, the structure the film, it needed to take us on a ride because it’s the horror genre. I wrote this scene in a very vulnerable state. I put my worst fears out there and onto the page, and when I was finished writing that scene, the experience writing this movie changed.”

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