Nothing should surprise us anymore, but the enduring mainstream success Gucci Mane remains pretty baffling. Just a few years ago, Gucci couldn’t stop arrested. Now he’s a generally-acknowledged national treasure who exchanges banter with Jimmy Fallon and performs with the Roots on The Tonight Show. (The Roots did a song with Project Pat years ago, so this shouldn’t be that weird, but it still sort is.) Life is funny.

Last night, The Tonight Show aired an episode that Jimmy Fallon taped at the University Of Texas at Austin. Most the guests were extremely Texan — Matthew McConaughey, TV home renovators Chip and Joanna Gaines. Gucci isn’t from Texas, but he is deeply Southern. He got a chance to sit with Fallon for a fairly uneventful interview, and for his own version Fallon-sponsored pandering, he briefly rapped over the Roots’ trap version “The Eyes Of Texas,” the UT Austin fight song. (The kids in the crowd seemed to like the line about how his dick is “long like the horn.”)

Gucci and the Roots also performed “Move Me,” one the few tracks on Gucci’s new album Woptober II that doesn’t feature any guests. Gucci didn’t put on some huge production or anything, but the man knows how to perform. The Roots managed to lock into the song’s trap sound pretty well, which as sometimes been a challenge for them. Watch the whole thing below.

Woptober II is out now on Guwop Enterprises/Atlantic.

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