A few weeks ago, Billie Eilish went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and, during, her sit-down interview, admitted that she had no idea who Van Halen were. (Billie Eilish is 17. Van Halen have released exactly one studio album during her entire lifetime. It checks out.) For some godforsaken reason, this became a subject intense Twitter conversation earlier this week, to the point where Wolfgang Van Halen (Eddie’s son and the current bassist Van Halen) felt the need to wade into the discourse and let everyone know that it’s not that big a deal. But apparently, it’s still a big enough deal that people are asking presidential contenders to weigh in.

Last night, Elizabeth Warren was a guest on The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon did what Jimmy Fallon does, which is hit her with a barrage pop-cultural questions and then cackle wildly at all her answers. When Fallon asked Warren if she knows who Van Halen is, Warren responded, “Yes, but you don’t have to. Let’s ease up on Billie.” A true campaign moment! She was definitely not prepped for this! The interview also involved Baby Yoda and the Rock and actual political issues, and you can grit your teeth through it below.

The episode also included Alanis Morissette talking about the impending 25th anniversary her Jagged Little Pill album and performing her new single “Reasons I Drink.” She also did the thing where she wears a disguise and busks in a subway station. You can watch all that happen below.

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