The Michican punk band Dogleg named their new song “Fox” after Fox McCloud from the Star Fox video game franchise. Their 2016 EP Remember Alderaan? is a Star Wars reference. Their self-titled debut EP had a song called “Spaceman Stu,” which apparently is a McDonald’s reference? This does not mean they play space-rock; it just means they’re a bunch pop-culture-loving nerds.

One listen to “Fox” will clarify that they are pop-culture-loving nerds who rock extremely hard. The song is one those runaway-train-speed howl-your-lungs-out punk anthems, three minutes pure throat-shredded intensity in which every instrument is being played at maximum intensity and the stakes sound extremely high. In the one brief moment when things do get quiet, Alex Stoitsiadis sings, “Any moment now, I will disintegrate,” and shortly afterward he and his bandmates close out the song in a blaze glory.

For the “Fox” video, director Austin Vansen captured Dogleg performing live at the final Bled Fest in Howell, MI this year. It makes the band’s live show look insanely fun. Watch below.

A Dogleg album is coming next year on Triple Crown.

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