Disheveled Cuss – "She Don't Want"

Disheveled Cuss – "She Don't Want"

Nick Reinhart is best known as the frontman for Sacramento math-rockers Tera Melos. He’s also frequently collaborated with Death Grips and is in the experimental supergroup Big Walnuts Yonder with Minutemen’s Mike Watt, Wilco’s Nels Cline, and Deerho’s Greg Saunier. So it was surprising to hear him tackle straight-ahead ’90s guitar-pop on “Wanna Be My Friend,” his debut single as Disheveled Cuss. But that’s the sound he’s shooting for with this project, and he consistently hits the target.

Earlier this year, Reinhart announced Disheveled Cuss’ self-titled debut album on Sargent House and shared another gem called “Nu Complication.” He’s followed it today with yet another winner called “She Don’t Want.” Both are extremely punchy, deeply catchy tracks that will inevitably attract comparisons to early Weezer. But “She Don’t Want” in particular shows how Disheveled Cuss is a bit rawer and more agile than that comparison implies, as if the sludge has been scraped f and the riffs have been adrenalized. Listen closely and you’ll hear the math-rock bona fides beneath the pop sheen.

Both “She Don’t Want” and “Nu Complication” are available to stream below.

Disheveled Cuss is out 6/12 on Sargent House.