Charli XCX has been making great videos since she first showed up in the public eye in this decade’s early days. Today, she’s released what, at least on first watch, feels like her best one. It’s also one the year’s best videos.

Last month, Charli released her album Charli, an excellent piece futuristic pop music. She’s already made videos for Charli tracks like “1999” and “Gone.” Today, she’s unveiled her clip for the synthpop ballad “White Mercedes,” one the few album tracks that doesn’t feature any guests. Colin Solal Cardo directed the clip and it is incredible.

The “White Mercedes” video opens with Charli sitting in the front seat a car that’s dangling dangerously from a crane. Later on, she’s riding on top a monster truck that’s speeding across a field. Both shots are gorgeous, and both shots mirror the automotive fearlessness something like M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls.” The “White Mercedes” clip isn’t just stunts; it’s also full searing, immediately iconic imagery. The following things appear in the clip: Crushed cars, nuclear power plant smokestacks, a white horse, white balloons, billowing white gateways, fireworks, fire. It’s gorgeous. Watch it below.

Charli is out now on Asylum/Atlantic.

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