New York City artist couple BriGuel are celebrating Women’s History month their own way. They just released “It’s A Story,” in honor of all women past, present and future around the world. The songwriting shares the story of a girl and boy who simultaneously go through their life transformations from darkness to light, a necessary step according to BriGuel in order to grow, change, and reinvent oneself. 

The visuals blend one thousand images captured by photographer Roey Yohai over two years, portraying women in a different light than what is usually the norm. 

About the concept of the song and music video, BriGuel explains: “Too often, we see Women in music videos as objects, scantily clad, twerking or simply as decorations for male counterparts they elevate; here we present Woman in all her glory, majesty and honor: filled with the miracle of life! So in honor of Women's History Month, we share our Story, “It's A Story.” 

Far from cliches and stereotypes, BriGuel’s “It’s A Story” holds a universal reach and will challenge the listener to face their own story and realize the glory and role of women in their lives. 

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