British singer songwriter Bill Fay released an album in 2012 called Life Is People after a 40-year silence, and it looks like he’s ready to keep talking. Today he detailed the follow-up album, Who Is The Sender?, which will be out in April, and shared the first track “War Machine.” As you might expect from the title, it’s a stately lament about the capitalistic militarization our modern world. Political anthems can easily be undercooked or overdone, but Fay channels personal self-indictment along with cultural commentary, punctuating the mellow, sweeping strings with blasts organ. What’s most disheartening is this song would’ve been just as apt 40+ years ago as it is now. Still, it’s beautiful. Listen below.

Who Is the Sender? tracklist:
01 “The Geese Are Flying Westward”
02 “War Machine”
03 “How Little?”
04 “Underneath the Sun”
05 “Something Else Ahead”
06 “Order the Day”
07 “Who Is the Sender?”
08 “Freedom to Read”
09 “Bring It on Lord”
10 “A Page Incomplete”
11 “A Frail and Broken One”
12 “World Life”
13 “I Hear You Calling (Studio Reunion)”

Who Is The Sender? will be out 4/28 Dead Oceans.

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